Edbrios & Blue Ivanhoe

St. Patrick's Celtic Winners 2008
Show Results

St. Patrick's Celtic Winners
All Breed Championship Dog Show

 17th March 2008

Judge: Miss T. Walsh (breed),
Miss J. Kealy (Group), Mr. H. Tonks (BIS)


Res. BIS, BOG, BOB, Celtic Winner, Green Star Dog Int, SK, CZ, PL, GB & IR
Ch. Edbrios Blue Ivanhoe
BOS, Celtic Winner, Green Star Bitch Edbrios Electric Blue
Reserve Green Star Dog Gaelachgorm Flurry Knox
Reserve Green Star Bitch Edbrios Mata Hari
Junior Celtic Winner Edbrios Electric Blue


Puppy Dog


Junior Dog


Open Dog

Exc. 1st, Reserve Green Star Dog GAELACHGORM  FLURRY KNOX,  12/1/2003, Br Deardon & Robinson, Exh Deardon Mr
(Ch & GB Ch. Sign Seal And Deliver - Ch & GB Ch. Dasumianco Face Value

Exc. 2nd EDBRIOS AL PACINO, 28/11/2005, Br EW & PA O'Brien & J Poulova Exh Kavanagh & O'Brien & Poulova
(Ch. Torum's Hollywood Jack at Shillelagh - Ir, Int, CZ, SK Ch. Kerrydom Court Dhaulagiri at Edbrios)


Champion Dog 

Exc 1st, Green Star Dog, Celtic Winner, BOB, BOG, Reserve BIS  Int, CZ, SK, PL, GB & Ir Ch. EDBRIOS BLUE IVANHOE, 30/8/2003
Br & Exh EW & PA O'Brien & J Poulova (GB CH. Torum's Ready To Rumble - Ir Ch. Glenfitor Clodagh at Edbrios)

Puppy Bitch

Exc. 1st
STEP N OUT FOR IRISBLU, 24/3/2007, Br Mr & Mrs. Logue, Exh Mr & Mrs Quigg
(Irisblu Artful Dodger - Kamaghan Unforgettable Of Irisblu)

Junior Bitch

Exc. 1st, Celtic Junior Winner, Green Star Bitch, Celtic Winner
EDBRIOS ELECTRIC BLUE, 04/04/2007, Br & Exh EW & PA O'Brien & J Poulova
(Multi Ch. Edbrios Blue Ivanhoe  Multi Ch. Kerrydom Court Dhaulagiri at Edbrios (AN CH 03)

Exc 2nd IRISBLU HOT N BOTHERED, 05/11/2006, Br Jordan & Quigg, Exh Mr & Mrs Jordan
(Ch. Lunabrook Hot Shot - Sharp N Shocking Of Irisblu)

Open Bitch

Exc 1st, Reserve Green Star Bitch EDBRIOS MATA HARI 18/08/2005 Br EW & PA O'Brien & J Poulova, Exh Dalton, O'Brien & Poulova
(Ch. Edbrios Bohemian Ivanhoe - Ch. Glenfitor Clodagh at Edbrios)

Champion Bitch

Absent: Ch. Misty Blue Dawn at Arigna

Group 1 - Multi Ch. Edbrios Blue Ivanhoe

Reserve Best in Show

Reserve Best in Show

BIS Judge's Critique:

For Reserve Best in Show from Group III, I selected O'Brien and Poulova's Kerry Blue
  Terrier Ch, Int, Sk, Pl, Cz & GB Ch. Edbrios Blue Ivanhoe. This stylish dog put down in perfect condition by
  his owners and skilfully handled by co-owner Phil O'Brien impresses as soon as he enters the ring. He has
  overall balance and moves with great spirit and drive. Terrier attitude he has, and then some! When he
  enters the ring he gives the impression that he is there to own it and everything in it, ....
  (Mr. Howard M. Tonks)


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