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Philip & Jarka with Dali and Dirmuid in the background

Jarka & Philip with Frankie as the Top Irish Show Dog

Eddie with Louisburgh Coismeig Mor at Cruft's


    Eddie O'Brien registered the Edbrios prefix in the early 60's and in the early 80's his son Philip was added as a dedicated teenager.
In 2003 Philip's wife Jarka Poulova (Blue Ivanhoe, FCI reg. 1995) became part of the Edbrios prefix.
Before her relocating to Ireland, Jarka worked for The Czech Terrier Club as a breeding adviser for Kerry Blue Terriers.

Edbrios has been well known for breeding Irish Terriers. The first Kerry Blue joined the O'Brien family in the early eighties and today it is the Kerry Blue Terriers who carry on the Edbrios fame. Be it an Irish Terrier or a Kerry Blue, we have always aimed for the best of the best and have strived for perfection.  We have reached some of the highest show awards with our dogs in Ireland and also at the European and World stage. Behind all these wonderful wins is hard daily work and huge dedication to the breed and our dogs. We are very passionate about this hobby.

Edbrios dogs have reached some of the top show honours like Cruft's CC Winners, European and World Winners, Group and Best in Show winners
 and also CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS, Eukanuba WORLD CHALLENGE representative and TOP DOG all breeds. Most of our dogs have the honour of carrying  the highest
 title - the top family dog - we give the same attention to our show dogs as those living in loving family pet homes and most of our dogs happily fulfil both functions.
Our dogs are important part of our daily life and we like them to be healthy, happy, with sound temperament and of true breed appearance. Thanks to our hobby
 we have met many wonderful people from all parts of the world who inspired us in many ways. We are willing to learn and to teach others and we are strong believers in team work.
 Although we are living on an island we don't feel isolated in our views and we are very interested in the progression of the breeds in all other countries of the world. 



Philip O'Brien & Jaroslava Poulová
Dublin 7, Ireland

email: info@edbrios.com

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