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Kerry Blue Terriers Irish Terriers

Dali's litter 2005 Just Born
Dali's litter 2005
7 weeks old
Dali's litter 2005 Puppy Play 
Dali's litter 2005 3 months old
Dido's litter 2005
Just Born
Dido's litter 2005 2 days old
Dido's litter 2005 3 weeks old
Dido's litter 2005 6 weeks old 
Dido's litter 2005 10 weeks old  
Clodagh's litter 2005 Just Born  
Clodagh's litter 2005 1 week old 
Clodagh's litter 2005
5 weeks old
Clodagh's litter 2005 8 weeks old

 Edbrios Jazzman
(5-6 months old)
 Clodagh's Litter 2004 
Dali's litter 2003 Just Born
Dali's litter 2003 8 weeks old
Dali's litter 2003 3-4 months old
Clodagh's litter 2003
JunCh. Edbrios Blue Ivanhoe 
Dali's litter 2002 Just Born
Dali's litter 2002 Puppy Play
Dali's litter 2002 Nature I
Dali's litter 2002 Nature II
Dali's puppy pictures

Just Born 
Puppies I
Puppies II
Puppies - Beach
Teaching Bad Habits 
Buffy's Litter 2003
Show Highlights
MultiCh. Kerrydom Court Dhaulagiri at Edbrios
Ch. Glenfitor Clodagh at Edbrios 
Edbrios Blue Ivanhoe I
(9-18 months)
Edbrios Jazzman I

Edbrios Jazzman II 
Edbrios Jazzman III  
Edbrios Jazzman IV 

Edbrios Jazzman V
Edbrios Jazzman VI
Junior Handling I
(Ciarrai Blue Ivanhoe)
Junior Handling II  (Edbrios Jazzman)
Edbrios Amadeus I (Best in Show Swords 2008)
 Edbrios Amadeus II (Reserve Best in Show)
 Edbrios Amadeus III (Newtownards 2008)
 Edbrios Amadeus IV (Belfast 2007)
 Edbrios Amadeus V (2008)

 Edbrios Amadeus VI (Puppy Wins)     
MultiCh. Edbrios Dirmuid
Other Show Pictures
European Dog Show Helsinki 2006 (KBT)
 European Dog Show Tulln 2005
Czech Fox Terrier Club Show 2005

Irish Native Breeds Show '04
Airedale Terrier Club Show '03
ITA Champ. Show 
Irish Native Breeds Show '00
Family Fun
 Kelly (Ceallach Blue Ivanhoe) NEW
(Edbrios Merlin The Wizard)
(Edbrios Camelot)
(Edbrios Excalibur)
(Edbrios Bohemian Rhapsody)
Gibson II (Edbrios Brave Heart)
(Edbrios Brave Heart)
(Edbrios Ned Kelly)
(Edbrios Bohemia) 
Jazzie (Edbrios Jazzman)
Kerry (Ciarrai Blue Ivanhoe)
(Edbrios Rhythm N' Blues)
(MultiCh. Kerrydom Court Dhaulagiri at Edbrios)
Clodagh & Dali
(Ir Ch. Glenfitor Clodagh at Edbrios)
Sleeping Time 
Sleeping Time II 
Kerry Halloween

            Family Fun (Bogy, Dido, Frankie)            
Family Fun II
  (Frankie & Sasha)
Gallery I
Outdoor Activities
Jack (Edbrios Merlin The Wizard) NEW
 Elli - Prague Zoo
(Edbrios Bohemian Rhapsody)
(Edbrios Jazzman)
Dog Friends
(Edbrios Jazzman)
(Edbrios Bohemia)
(Ciarrai Blue Ivanhoe)
Winter II
(Ciarrai Blue Ivanhoe)
Forest Walks 
Out And About I
Out And About II
Out And About III
Sport, Search & Rescue, Agility

Seach & Rescue Works
Agility - MultiCh. Kerrydom Court Dhaulagiri at Edbrios
Agility - Abigaile Blue Ivanhoe

Tracking - Edbrios Something Fancy

Our Dog's Progeny in Other Kennels

Progeny of Multi Ch. Edbrios Amadeus
Progeny of Multi Ch. Edbrios Blue Ivanhoe
Progeny of Multi Ch. Edbrios Jazzman I
Progeny of Multi Ch. Edbrios Jazzman II

Progeny of Multi Ch. Edbrios Jazzman III
Progeny of Swe Ch. Edbrios Ned Kelly
 Progeny of Bastien Blue Ivanhoe
Progeny of Vet Ch. Abigaile Blue Ivanhoe

Progeny of Ch. Edbrios Dirmuid

Trips to Other Countries

Trip to Finland June 2006
 Trip to Austria
June 2005
Trip to Czech
April 2005 
Trip to Estonia and Russia
January 2005 (Edbrios Jazzman)
Trip to Sweden
December 2004 (Edbrios Ned Kelly)
Trip to Spain
June 2004 (Edbrios Joan of Arc)


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