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Kerry Blues in the Czech Republic

Before Jarka moved to Ireland, she was not only  heavily involved in dog shows, breeding and grooming
but also in the administration side of dogs as well in the Czech Republic. As a reflection of her great interest 
in the breed she was appointed by The Czech Terrier Club to the position of Breeding Adviser for Kerry Blue 
Terriers which she held for 5 years. This function means a lot of work for the breed, registering brood bitches
 and stud dogs, advising breeders what breeding combinations to use and overseeing and promoting 
the genetic diversity within the breed, passing litter registration paperwork between  breeders, breed club 
and the Czech Kennel Club, checking the litters and breeding conditions, helping breeders and dog owners 
with all matters about the breed incl. breeding, grooming, ear pasting, training, showing, handling etc. 
Jarka set up a special web site where she put much useful information. Now that she is living in Ireland 
she can no longer participate on the position of Breeding Adviser but parts of her web site work can 
still be
of interest for some. 

History (2000 version)
KBTs in Czechoslovakia (2008 version)
Statistic 1995 - 2001 List of Stud Dogs and Brood Bitches


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