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Jazzie's Trip to Estonia and Russia


Jazzie "Edbrios Jazzman" went to his new home in Moscow through Estonia. He flew with Jarka on the plane from Dublin to Tallin and then he took a direct overnight train to Moscow where he was impatiently awaited by his new owner Julia Chernova (Triumph kennel). He made many new friends on his long journey and arrived happy to Moscow as a privileged passenger in the carriage with lucky number 7. Many thanks to Julia Geller & her husband Yuri and son Mark for the great help and warm welcome during Jarka's stay in Tallinn. 

Jazzie with Yuri and Mark Geller at the veterinary surgery in Tallinn.

Jarka and Julia & Mark Geller in Tallinn having a great talk about kerry blues (thanks Julia and Yuri !)

Happy arrival to Moscow - Jazzie is not O'Brien anymore :-)

First portrait from Russia

And there is lots of snow outside !

An Irishman meeting English gentleman (Int Ch. & Ch. Kamaghan Thriller) in the snowy Moscow


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