Czech History of Breeding Kerry Blue Terriers


            The first kerry was imported in 1932 by Hilda Hossner who lived in our country in that time. I think that only a few people know that this famous Germany breeder (kennel v. Haus Hossner) lived in our country to the half of the fourthies. The first kerry was female from Austria of English origin Attraktion Of Carinthia. After two years there was imported excellent male Sainsburys Skilligalee. Then Mrs. Hossner imported other good breeding stock from England. The breeding was based on very good dogs and known over all the Europe. Unfortunately Mrs. Hossner as a German had to leave Czechoslovakia after the end of The Second World War.  In 1940 Mrs. Votavova (kennel ARKUN) started breeding kerries, she was the best and famous Czech breeder in the following 30 years. In 1943 Mrs. Votavova imported bitch Blauer Aristocrat Heidi, the first Czechoslovakian champion after the war, daughter of Skilligallee. This bitch was mated to IntCh. Blue Agonist of Kerrys Home from Netherland. Both litters were very successful - four champions. Then she imported pair from England, male Downsview Dante was excellent dog but after Distemper sterile. But bitch Gladeyes Of Gandria became the next corner - stone of ARKUN. At first she was mated to English male Downsview Director. The first mating was very successful: male Ch. Ideal Blue Arkun Monty was winner of many show and in this time a kerry with the most long head (25 cm) here. The next mating of Gladeyes with males from Arkun kennel was so successful that all of puppies were ”excellent” at shows, in the time when there were about 30 kerries at one show! In the fifthies bitch from kennel Arkun was mated to very famous English import Ch. Gilmac Grandeur. Payment for mating was puppy male. The bitch whelped five bitches and only one male. Male puppy My Blue Sensation Arkun was sold to the Switzerland and very successfully used in famous kennel Buster. Mrs. Votavova kept from this litter bitch Ch. My Love Meredith Arkun, this bitch was mated to English male IntCh. Bemel Duan. Male puppy Only Mine Arkun from this litter was sold to Stuttgart, when he became one of the best stud-dog in West Germany. He was a sire of four interchampions and two World Winners! His sister Okarina Arkun was B.I.S. on Specialty Terrier Show 1958 (judge Paula Meyer from Switzerland). In 1958 Mrs. Votavova imported male Charmeur Buster from Switzerland, who was also successfully used in breeding.

    There were many others good kennels in that time. The most important, founded in the end of fifthies, was MODROVOUS (Bluebeard), breeder Mrs. Zuzana Ledererova from Prague. It has been the most important kennel in the next years, still breed. In 1960 Mrs. Votavova imported bitch Hera v.d. Burg Lohenhof from Austria. Her son Ch. Urian Arkun was the most successful, he produced his type in third and fourth generation yet. His son Ch. Winkler´s Bürschel from East Germany was the most successful kerry 1967-1970 in his country. Urian´s daughter Tabu Arkun was Top Kerry several years in Czechoslovakia. Bitch Hera v.d. Burg Lohenhof was let to kennel Modrovous later. I must mention one famous male from kennel Arkun - Xavier, Danish and Norwegian champion. This dog had 92 puppies in Scandinavian countries. Mrs. Votavova finished her kerry breeding in the half of seventies. Then she bred Bullterriers and also was a very good judge. Mrs. Votavova still lives but unfortunately is rather ill and I have no heart to ask her about more informations.

Going back to Mrs. Ledererova, she had the first litter in 1960 with Mrs. Votavova´s male Charmeur Buster. In 1964 Mrs. Ledererova mated her bitch from Mrs. Votavova Hera v.d. Burg Lohenhof to Charmeur Buster. Male from this litter Coriolan Modrovous won junior class at The World Dog Show Brno in 1965. In the same year Mrs. Ledererova imported very beautiful male from Sweden Gäddvikens Tonic. He won many shows and was successfully used in breeding, he was a sire of many winners and champions, for example Guilietta Modrovous, Henry VIII. Modrovous, Leslie Modrovous, Oliver Modrovous etc..

From the half of seventies there was a prohibition of importing dogs in The Eastern Germany and it was difficult to find good stud dog for breeding also in other countries attainable for us in that time. It was the reason why the number of kerries fell down. Therefore it was a big contribution when Mrs. Ledererova imported bitch from Denmark Gillycuddy Solitaire ”Katchenka” and male from Austria Domingo v.d. Kerryburg. Domingo sired many good kerries and Katchenka was a treasure ! She never had more than three puppies in one litter but all her puppies were winners and champions ! She died healthy at age 16 years. In 1982 Katchenka was mated to famous Louisburgh Mowing the Wind, the first Louisburgh imported to continent (in 1979). He won many shows over all the Europe and was Top Dog 1981 in Denmark. Katchenka whelped only two puppies, bitch Yorika Modrovous, champion and winner of many shows and male Yannick Modrovous, probably the most famous dog in that time here, sire of 70 puppies. Katchenka was also mated to in that time famous male from Germany Roy v.d. Canis Burg. She whelped only two bitches Ariela and Alexandra Modrovous, both champions. Alexandra was, on my oppinion, very modern type of kerry in that time. In 1986 she was mated by Domingo v.d. Kerryburg. Three puppies from four from this litter was winners or champions. The most famous, also the most famous Domingo´s son here, was Conan Modrovous. In 1987 Alexandra was mated to very good male from Germany Xambo v. Herzogschloss Celle. There were also two bitches in the litter. Fabiola Modrovous, very beautiful bitch, who unfortunately after incident when was bitten in the show ring, didn´t want to show, definitevely. Faye Modrovous was imported to the Hungary, won many shows there and was very succesfully used in famous kennel Badacsonyalja. Alexandra gave good puppies also with Yannick Modrovous, for example bitch Henrietta Modrovous, champion and winner of many shows.

In 1988 Mrs. Ledererova imported female Gillycuddy Hearty Hannah from Denmark. This bitch was the important turning point in our breeding. At the first she was mated to Yannick Modrovous. There were eight puppies in this litter. The best was Isadora Modrovous, bitch with correct size, short body and lean long head. Unfortunately she wasn´t used in breeding. Then ”Hanicka” was mated only to males from the famous Irish breeding Louisburgh. In 1992 to Louisburgh See An Notice. There were eight puppies again. Two males - Jeffrey and Jasper Modrovous are champions. Both are sires of interchampions - females Markerry Campbell Naomi (in this time mated to Paxon´s Penny´s Paul) and Abigail Moravia Encian. The third brother is Julian Modrovous, interchampion and the fourth in the champion class on The World Dog Show Wien 1995. Julian was imported to Slovakia and laid the foundations of the Slovakia kerry breeding together with bitch Ich. Anneliese Modry kerry in the Mrs. Zuzana Szovenyi´s kennel Kerrydom.

In 1993 ”Hanicka” was mated to Louisburgh Shannonbreeze and there were nine puppies in this litter. Last and the most succesful mating was to Cruft Winner Louisburgh Sea Spray in 1995. There were six puppies in this litter and all of puppies are very good ! Four offspring are very succesfully showed in this time. Lynn and her sister Laureen Modrovous are champions, Lawrence Modrovous and his brother Leonard Modrovous are interchampions, all have great movement.

           I must also mention one our very succesful kennel in this time - BRAUDAG, breeder Mr. & Mrs. Rundt. In 1989 they imported male Henry v. Mellensee sired by famous German Xambo v. Herzogschloss Celle. Henry is sire of two interchampions - females Xenie and Arabella Braudag (linebred to Xambo v. Herzogschloss Celle), both owned by breeders. Mr. & Mrs. Rundt imported new male Olido v. Landsberg from Germany in 1997. He is sired by Louisburgh Gadhair Gorm and his dam is Louisburgh She´s Cute, both multichampions and World champions. Olido has correct size, short compact body, clean long head and GREAT movement. He has many show titles and is appreciated by many good judges. In the year 1999 he repeated his BIS on our Terrier Club Specialty Show (judge Olivia Smid, USA). The judge, who gave him BOB, Rudolf Tegeler from Germany, said that he have seen such great movement only once of his 40 years of breeding and judging Terriers. "This dog doesn´t move but flies", said.

In the years 1999 and 2000 our gen pool succesfully grows up by mating abroad or importing dogs with new blood. There were used for breeding stud dogs from abroad, Louisburgh Rainbow´s End and Paxon´s Penny´s Paul in 1999. The same year were imported two pups (male and female) from Slovakian kennel Kerrydom Court, their sire is famous Ich. Maygate´s Bogy Blue from Sweden. Both have started their show career very succesfully, bitch Kerrydom Court Dhaulagiri became World Junior Champion 2000 and for example BOB,  BOG and BIS at Terrier Club Show Specialty in Slovakia at age 13 months. Her brother Don Dooley was 2nd at junior class on World Dog Show Milano 2000 and has also BOB winning at early age. In the year 2000 there were imported two other pups from abroad. It is Gaeltacht Iosac Aduaidh from Finland, sired by Torum´s Stormin Norman, brother of BIS Cruft´s Torum´s Scarf Michael. Kennel Braudag imported female Vestida para Ganar de La Cadiera from Spain, sired by Arigna Oskar. We have started open to world too and pups from our country were recently exported to USA, Canada, Spain and Slovakia.

            Quality of our kerries rises and gen pool grows up. The breed is relatively healthy, PNA is not known here.  I named only the most important kennels, there are many others, smaller or starting ones. We cooperate and keep friendship.


© 2000 Jaroslava Poulova

Breeding Advicer for Kerry Blue Terriers of The Czech Terrier Club