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Health & Vaccinations We support a minimum vaccination policy.
Interesting links to read about vaccinations & immunity. Please do your homework before you get your pet vaccinated.

Vaccinating Dogs: What Your Vet Hasn't told you

Naturally Dogs Magazine - 9 PAGES of very informative & detailed articles regarding vaccinations:



Breeding & Health

There are 3 genetic disorders known in KBTs for which there is a DNA test available:

von Willebrand’s disease (vWD) Type I - order testing kit from Genomia www.genomia.cz or Vetgen www.vetgen.com

Factor XI Deficiency - more info at USKBTC website: http://www.uskbtc.com/downloads/factorarticle.pdf

Degererative Myelopathy (DM) - more info on OFA website: http://www.offa.org/dnatesting/

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Breeding & Health















Breeding Healthier Dogs - A Breeders Perspective

written by Astrid Indrebo, DVM, PhD
Scientific Director of the Norwegian Kennel Club, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science,
President of the FCI Breeding Commission

A must read article from one of the most qualified expert.

"The goal in dog breeding is FUNCTIONALLY healthy dogs with construction and mentality typical to the breed...

"Do GENETICALLY healthy dogs exist ?"

The facts about eradication programmes against HD ... "we know today that most of the "diseased" dogs are functionally healthy, if the dog has good overall functional construction. We also know that a dog free of HD can be diseased in lot of other aspects."

"The effort to eradicate HD might actually have deteriorated the dogs' overall health..."
"Has the so called "eradication programme" improved status of the hips ? In some breeds in some countries there might be some improvement, but the data from NKC show depressingly low or no improvement, despite the fact that more than 50 breeds are OBLIGED to have known HD status in order to have offspring registered in the NKC. These disappointing results have cost the breeders and owners a large amount of money, and have most probably cost the breed a lot of excellent breeding dogs. "

"Statistic are tools - not goals. Too strict demands in breeding programmes will result in too strong selection. This will encourage matador breeding and result in limited heterogeneity in the breed, which might result in inbreeding depression. Loss of genetic diversity results in a dramatic reduction in the possibility of progress in breeding. There will be a great risk of concentrating undesirable genes in the population, as there is no way to ensure that any dog is free of every undesirable gene. "

"We don't want stringent demands that will eradicate both the conscientious breeders and their dogs, and increase the numbers or irresponsible breeders who neither care about the co-operation with kennel Clubs or scientists, but breed dogs merely for the purpose of earning money... We breed complete dogs - not hips, elbows or eyes !"

Take the time to read the full article here

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Breeding & Health

The Misuse of Health Testing

written by Kiesha Crawmer

An interesting article not only about negative phenomenon of so called Breeding police, the use of health test results as a marketing tool or unnecessary excluding dogs from the gene pool... By pointing at these negative effects this article actually explains very well how to maintain wise breeding policies.

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Breeding & Health

An alternative studies about Hip Dysplasia by Orthomolecular Specialties :

Changing the Concept of Canine Hip Dysplasia by Orthomolecular Specialties

Canine Hip Dysplasia by Orthomolecular Specialties


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Breeding & Health You can read how much "human factor" is involved in canine hip x-rays...what you should know before you have your
dog x-rayed.

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System of the checking dogs´ health and genetics of health in the Czech Republic

Published in the Newsletter no 1/2000 of the Czech Terrier Club
written by J. Poulova

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