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Photo Gallery - Trip to Spain

The European Dog Show in June 2004 was in Barcelona. We decided to go there to trim and handle Joan "Edbrios Joan of Arc". We had a wonderful time full of sun, sea, good wine, food and fun with our Spanish friends. Thanks Joelia and Jose for the great time we had with you !

International Edbrios meeting in Spain

Kerry Blue Edbrios Joan of Arc (European Hope 2004) and Irish Terrier Edbrios Aonghus (Brisco), both bred in Ireland 
and living in Spain finally met and were pictured together at the European Dog Show in Barcelona, assisted 
by the breeder Philip O'Brien. We are happy Joan did well at her first show and World Champion Brisco's picture 
and advert for the Advance food are famous throughout Europe.

Joan and her big 'sister' Pru (Balada de la Cadiera)
greeting visitors as they passed by their bedroom window

Joan and Jarka patiently waiting for 'Paella', a traditional Spanish meal, prepared by Joan's Daddy Josť

Breakfast on the terrace....

....and an evening in the town


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